Project Team

Professor Eva Segelov
Project Chief Investigator

Dr Sachin Joshi
Co-Chief Investigator; Medical Oncologist, LaTrobe Regional Hospital; Clinical Director, GRICS

Ms Joanne Parr
Clinical Trials Coordinator

Mr James Kinder
Project Manager

Steering Committee

Chair: Professor Eva Segelov, Chief Investigator; Professor Director of Oncology, Monash Health and Monash University
Dr Sachin Joshi, Co-Chief Investigator; Medical Oncologist, Latrobe Regional Hospital; Clinical Director, GRICS
Ms Karen Gillett, Clinical Trials Manager, Monash Health
Dr David Pook, Medical Oncologist, Monash Health
Dr George Grigoriadis, Head, Myeloma Service, Monash Health
Dr Tricia Wright, Director of Cancer Services, Latrobe Regional Hospital
Mr Glenn Boulton, Director Ambulatory Services, Latrobe Regional Hospital
Ms Dayna Swiatek, Manager, Victorian Cancer Agency
Ms Elaine Wood, Manager, GRICS
Ms Anna Kilgour, Chief Operating Officer, MPCCC
Ms Kerry Georgiou, Consumer Advocate, Monash Health
Ms Nicola Jenson, Consumer Advocate, Latrobe Regional Hospital