Precision Oncology Seminars

MPCCC’s Precision Oncology Seminar Series invites expert guest speakers from Victoria, interstate and overseas to present different perspectives on the latest precision oncology research, clinical trials and treatment options. These regular seminars are open to anyone who is interested in precision oncology.

During the COVID19 pandemic, all MPCCC seminars will be hosted online via Zoom teleconferencing. For more information about upcoming on MPCCC Precision Oncology Seminars, visit our events page.

Topics covered by previous seminars include: molecular pathology strategies for precision oncology; treatment and profiling of cancers of unknown primary; and application of precision oncology treatments for adults and children with rare cancers. See below our most recent Precision Oncology Seminar, delivered by Professor Maarten IJzerman.

Those interested in presenting at a Precision Oncology Seminar are encouraged to contact Sarah Mwaba on