Pilot A: Collection of registry-based PROMs and PREMs

How will collecting registry-based PROMs and PREMs improve cancer care?

This pilot will collect PROMs and PREMs data from pancreatic cancer patients at regular intervals over the course of their treatment, using an online PROMs and PREMs questionnaire that is sent to patients via text or email. The questionnaire four key domains of wellbeing: emotional, social, physical and informational. Four MPCCC health services are involved in the pilot: Alfred Health, Monash Health, Eastern Health and Peninsular Health.

The project team will integrate their findings with the Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Registry (UGICR). The UGICR is a clinical quality registry based at Monash University that collects clinical data from hospital medical records. The UGICR does not currently collect any patient-reported outcome or experience data.  The patient-reported data collected within the UGICR will form part of each participating hospital’s quality of care reports, to inform improvements in quality of care for future patients.



For more information about this pilot, contact Jennifer Holland on Jennifer.holland@monash.edu or (03) 9903 0323.