MPCCC has joined forces with the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) alliance  to help Victoria’s front line clinical teams adjust to  managing cancer prevention, treatment and palliative care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One outcome of the new MPCCC and VCCC collaboration is the Victorian COVID-19 Cancer Network (VCCN), a communications platform led by expert groups of  multidisciplinary Victorian cancer health professionals to connect, share information and support each other in delivering high quality cancer care.

MPCCC’s expansive network of leading cancer healthcare professionals is strategically placed to take a lead role.

“By working in partnership, the VCCC and MPCCC are delivering a coordinated Victorian response to COVID-19, and providing much needed support for smaller regional centres and vulnerable patient populations to ensure all cancer patients are safe and receive a high standard of carer,” said Dr Andrew Haydon, Medical Oncologist at Alfred Health, Joint Clinical Director of the Southern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service (SMICS) and Co-Chair of the VCCN.

“The VCCN has demonstrated that Victoria’s cancer sector can work cohesively to achieve rapid and strategic benefits for cancer patients,” said Professor Grant McArthur, Executive Director of the VCCC.

“Victoria’s ability to transcend organisational boundaries and build confident, productive relationships will enable us to overcome our current challenges and build strong foundations for the future,” said Felicity Topp, incoming Chair of MPCCC and Chief Executive of Peninsula Health.

To join the VCCN, please complete this online registration form.