We are proud to be kicking off 2023 with a bang, by announcing the launch of our new logo, and refreshed colours, as part of the ongoing growth and transformation of our consortium.

Just over this past 12 months we have seen significant changes such as;

  • Appointed our Co-Directors, Prof Melissa Southey, Research Director and Professor Mark Shackleton, Clinical Director, and new Discovery and Innovation Program Lead, Professor Roger Daly

  • Welcoming new staff members 
  • Launching our much anticipated clinical research and education fellows program 
  • Moving to a new office location in the Biomedical Precinct at Monash University Clayton Campus (Building 77, 23 Innovation Walk) bolstering our connections with the Biomedicine Discovery Institute Cancer Program and its network of innovative cross- program collaboration;
  • We are joining efforts with the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute to deliver unified seminars to enhance our  focus for education and learning and identify opportunities for further research amplification via new collaborations. .

Thus, we have refreshed our logo to reflect who we are today and to symbolise our future. 

Our new logo is now modernised and reflects our commitment to collaboration, ongoing research translation and improving experiences and outcomes for those affected by cancer. . 

The new icon of concentric circles communicates the MPCCC’s ripple effect, and its positive impact on cancer care. It creates a synergy without the visual language – it is confident, academic and more contemporary. It is a radar in enhancing and amplifying cancer research findings into improved cancer care and treatments.

The colour palette and gradient are contemporary and bright. The gradient also relates to the fact that MPCCC’s scope is multifaceted within the cancer space – encompassing all the counter to the individual cancer research programs across our landscape. 

The logo represents the connection to our central theme of ‘Collaboration Amplified’.

Over the next month, you’ll see our visuals around the MPCCC aligning around our future direction: on the website, in our events, and in some and through our partner organisations. It’s still us. But more consistent and, more instantly recognisable.

More exciting things are set to come out during this year. Thanks for joining us.