This May, Monash Partners Comprehensive Cancer Consortium (MPCCC) welcomed Felicity Topp, Chief Executive of Peninsula Health, to the role Governance Group Chair.

Ms Topp’s extensive experience in executive health management, including over four years as Deputy Chief Executive of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, will provide valuable leadership to direct the future strategy of MPCCC.

“MPCCC’s function in facilitating collaboration across disciplines and organisational boundaries is really essential to improving cancer care. I already have a sense of extreme good will and enthusiasm from the partners, clinical and research leaders and patient advisors involved in MPCCC,”” said Ms Topp.

“My ambition is not to change the world overnight, but to help build MPCCC’s resilience and to open some new doors so that we can position it for future success,” Ms Topp added.

“Felicity’s practical experience and guidance will be a real asset for MPCCC in the current challenging environment. We’re really excited to having her as part of the leadership team,” said Ms Anna Kilgour, Chief Operating Officer of MPCCC.

MPCCC thanked Professor Andrew Way, Chief Executive of Alfred Health for his service as Chair since May 2018, and acknowledged his leadership in simplifying and strengthening MPCCC’s structure.