A network of tumour-specific MPCCC Precision Oncology Tumour Boards will be rolled out across MPCCC partner sites in early 2019 thanks to funding received from the Victorian Cancer Agency.

“The primary aim of establishing MPCCC’s network of Precision Oncology Tumour Boards is to integrate the considerable clinical, molecular and research expertise across MPCCC partner sites, to provide a mechanism to co-ordinate patients’ access to precision medicine techniques, and to use the information generated to guide patient treatments” said Program leader and Professor Director of Oncology at The Alfred and Monash University, Prof Mark Shackleton.

“A review of different tumour board models and how they have evolved over time has helped the MPCCC’s precision oncology steering committee to consolidate its ideas around the best tumour board structure and implementation plan for the MPCCC partnership”, said Prof Shackleton.

Based on the review, MPCCC’s “hybrid” tumour board model will consist of a network of cross-site, tumour-specific boards to engage at the clinical interface and inform patient treatment. These will feed into an additional series of educational tumour board sessions for all MPCCC stakeholders, designed to build knowledge of emerging biomarkers and potential treatment options.

“The roll out of MPCCC’s tumour boards will initially focus on the tumour streams that will be championed by medical oncologists with existing resources to support molecular and or immunological profiling. As we gain knowledge and feedback from these initial tumour boards, we will start to establish additional activities and tumour boards”, said Prof Shackleton.

Oncologists interested in being involved in championing specific tumour streams are encouraged to contact Professor Mark Shackleton for further information.

“We have been scoping capability and capacity via face-to-face meetings with researchers, clinicians, medical genomics facilities and pathologists across the MPCCC catchment and will continue to build relationships and undertake gap analysis as the Precision oncology program evolves”, said Project Manager, Vikki Marshall.

“We have also reached out to external stakeholders including the VCCC, State Government and the MGHA to develop operational models, tools and resources that can be used to support patient referral and review activities for MPCCC’s tumour boards”, she said.

“There are examples of blood cancer based molecular tumour boards have recently been established at the MPCCC, but they are all currently site based”, said Ms Marshall.

Connecting existing precision oncology activity across sites and disciplines to improve our capacity to provide patients with the best possible treatment options is central to the MPCCC’s precision oncology program.

“The MPCCC program is an opportunity to break down the institutional barriers and start to share our knowledge and resources in a meaningful way to benefit patients,” said Alfred haematologist Prof Andrew Perkins.

MPCCC Precision Oncology Seminar Series

The MPCCC’s network of tumour boards will be complemented by a dedicated Precision Oncology seminar series, which is about providing opportunity for cross disciplinary education as well as communicating the current range of research and clinical initiatives.

The first of MPCCC’s Precision Oncology seminar series was hosted on 15 November, and featured insights from international guest speaker Prof Sandip Patel, Professor of Oncology at University of California and Prof Andrew Perkins, haematologist at The Alfred Hospital.  Watch the Prof Patel webinar

sandip patel     andrew perkins

A 2019 seminar program is currently under development and will be circulated in coming months.

To register for MPCCC Precision Oncology Program communications and updates, please send your name, organisation and email details to Elly.Mollo@monash.edu or contact vikki.marshall@monash.edu.