A big congratulations to Trang Tran on being awarded the MPCCC precision medicine scholarship! 

Trang is currently doing her PhD in the Hormone Cancer Therapeutics laboratory at the Hudson Institute, headed by Dr. Simon Chu.

“My interests lie in understanding the molecular mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of ovarian granulosa cell tumours, and working at uncovering potential targets for more precision-based treatment strategies for this disease,” said Trang.

Trang is working in our Precision Oncology Program that brings together expert cancer researchers and clinicians from across our partner organisations to respond to the treatment needs of patients with difficult to treat cancers. This is achieved by applying the latest genomic technologies and  available data to inform the best management approach.

Her research is addressing the challenges faced by women with granulosa cell tumours, informed by, and integrated with consumer voices to address critical gaps in research and clinical care. 

 Professor Melissa Southey, Research Director, MPCCC, said that this project will change the current trajectory of precision medicine improvements for the diagnosis and clinical management of granulosa cell tumours.

“It will be an outstanding environment for higher degree student training as it will provide an immersed experience in what will no doubt become the norm, indeed the essential mode of operation for successful research programs”, said Professor Southey.

Congratulations from the MPCCC team, Trang! We look forward to seeing your accomplishments and reading the results of your PhD.