MPCCC’s Precision Oncology Program Seminar Series aims to support clinicians, scientists, researchers and patients from across MPCCC partner sites, to expand their research and clinical networks and share knowledge of the potential and application of precision medicine.

MPCCC is now seeking speakers for its 2020 Precision Oncology Program Seminar series, with expertise in technical, logistical, clinical or regulatory aspects of precision oncology implementation and an ability to demonstrate projects that have contributed to, or are likely to contribute to, improved patient outcomes. Speakers undertaking all types of precision oncology translational research, including technologies other than genomics, such as proteomics, metabolomics or integration of ‘omics’ data, are welcome.

MPCCC is willing to consider potential co-funding for international or interstate speakers.

To nominate a speaker, please forward a brief speaker bio and topic outline to, along with appropriate contact details.