The MPCCC will recognise the achievements of innovative and impactful Victorian mid-career cancer researchers, with the presentation of its inaugural 2020 Award for Outstanding Cancer Research.

The prize of $5,000 aims to reinforce cancer research as a career choice by acknowledging the work of an outstanding mid-career researcher who is likely to become part of the next generation of Victoria’s leading cancer researchers.

“Sustaining impactful research is not for the faint-hearted. It requires determination, persistence, and a steadfast belief that you are making a real difference,” said Professor Melissa Southey, Research Director of the MPCCC.

“We decided to direct this award to mid-career researchers as transiting the treacherous bridge between early career into positions of leadership is often when scientist do their best thinking and produce astonishing new knowledge in cancer research fields” Professor Southey added.

Applications for the award open on 30 April and will close on 31 July. See here for guidelines and eligibility and view the nomination form here.