After over nine years dedicated to developing collaborative cancer research platforms across Monash University, Prof Gail Risbridger this month announced her resignation from the role of MPCCC Research Director.

Prof Risbridger is keen to reduce her administrative responsibilities and to focus on her research.

“There are lots of amazing opportunities arising through my Prostate Cancer Research lab at Monash University, and I really want to be able to concentrate on optimising these to maximise our research impact, excellence and innovation,” said Prof Risbridger.

“Gail has been a true facilitator of collaboration in this role”, said Prof Christina Mitchell, Dean of Monash University’s Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Monash University. “She has been progressive and patient and fair”, said the Dean.

Prof Risbridger was integral to the conception and formation of Monash University’s first collaborative cancer research platform, the Monash Comprehensive Cancer Consortium, in 2010. The MCCC provided a forum for cancer research communications, networking and collaboration across Monash University and its affiliated clinical providers.

With Prof Risbridger’s leadership, the MCCC became more sophisticated in its partnerships and programs. It gained status as the Cancer and Blood Disease Theme of Monash Partners. These progressions facilitated the establishment of the MPCCC in 2015, a collaboration between MCCC, Monash Partners and Southern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service (SMICS).  Strengthened and united as the MPCCC, the tripartite collaboration developed the MPCCC’s inaugural strategic plan in 2017, and has never looked back.

MPCCC has since germinated several flagship projects traversing cancer data management; precision oncology; a model of collaborative-care and tele-trial leadership with regional Victoria and has establishment the MPCCC Co-ordination Unit to support and co-ordinate this activity.

“MPCCC is now the future for cancer collaboration spanning both research and service improvement”, said Prof Risbridger.

Co-incidental to Prof Risbridger’s resignation as Research Director, was the executive decision to retire the Monash Comprehensive Cancer Consortium (MCCC) earlier this month.

“Quite simply, MCCC has out-lived its term and so we are taking measures to retire it. This will not impact the MPCCC’s currently funded programs or collaborative activities in any way”, confirmed Prof Risbridger.

“SMICS will continue to run its dedicated activities in Optimal Care Pathways as well as contributing to the MPCCC”, said Prof Andrew Way, Chair of SMICS and MPCCC’s Governance Group.

Members of the MPCCC’s Executive Committee expressed their gratitude for Prof Risbridger’s leadership and for her dedication to the advancement of cancer research across south-eastern Victoria.