2021 has been a progressive year for the MPCCC, despite the challenges of social isolation and rapidly changing circumstances for our healthcare providers and patients.

  • We have achieved $7.5m funding to further develop the MPCCC and its research and education programs over the next four years, thanks to continued support from the Victorian Department of Health, and for the first time, co-contributions from The Alfred, Eastern Health, Monash Health and Peninsula Health as well as Monash University.
  • After months of consultation we have completed a fresh strategic plan, to direct the MPCCC’s activities over the next four years. The plan identifies four priorities including: governance and leadership, education and communications, precision cancer program and clinical trials.
  • The MPCCC’s Precision Oncology Program has enabled more than 120 people with rare, advanced and treatment resistant cancers to participate in cutting edge cancer genomics research, that directly informs clinical management tailored to their individual circumstances.
  • MPCCC now co-ordinates five Molecular Tumour Boards (MTB’s) spanning genitourinary, breast & lung, thyroid, upper gastro-intestinal & hepatopancreato-biliary (HPB) cancers as well as rare cancers and cancers of unknown primary. These MTB’s convene health professionals and research academics to discuss case management and continue to develop expertise and confidence in applying precision oncology. To date MPCCC has hosted more than 23 MTB meetings and presented more than 97 cases.
  • The Precision Oncology Program seminar series has communicated the latest in research and informed new opportunities across our organisations and disciplines. 2021 has featured a program of top speakers including Prof Melissa Southey, Chair of Precision Medicine, Monash University; Prof Sean Grimmond, Director of the Centre for Cancer Research, University of Melbourne; A/Prof Joseph Rosenbluh, Research Fellow, Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute; Prof Felix Feng, Head of Radiation Oncology and Urology, University of California, San Francisco and Dr James Lee, General Surgeon at The Alfred, Epworth and Monash Health.
  • The MPCCC has connected the Monash Health Translation Precinct’s Clinical Trials Centre and its expertise with a new, emerging clinical trials centre at Latrobe Regional Hospital, enabling patients across Gippsland to participate in clinical trials and access new cancer treatments, closer to where they live.
  • Through the Victorian COVID19 Cancer Network, in collaboration with the VCCC Alliance and others, the MPCCC has provided an infrastructure for rapid clinical support, advice and advocacy in response to challenges and opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Social media, monthly e-newsletters, a website are used to communicate the latest research and clinical advancements and showcase our achievements.

MPCCC would like to wish you all a safe and relaxing break over the summer holidays and to thank everyone who has contributed to this year’s achievements.