David Kissane

Prof David Kissane, MPCCC Shared Care Pilot Program Lead and Head Department of Psychiatry, Monash University

David is an academic psychiatrist, psycho-oncology researcher and palliative care physician. He brings to the MPCCC around  thirty years of clinical practice and research interests including individual, group, couples and family psychotherapy trials, communication skills training, studies of existential distress, and the ethics of end-of-life care  “The MPCCC’s shared care project is a fantastic opportunity to improve supportive care services for cancer patients utilising best-practice integrated models of care. If the pilot model for cancer-related depression proves effective, we can use it to help patients suffering with anxiety and adjustment disorders as well,” says David.

Anne Loupis

Anne Loupis, Project Manager, MPCCC Shared Care

Most recently Anne worked at Cabrini co-ordinating multi-disciplinary team meetings, but she confesses to having had an eclectic career path that has covered research science, lecturing, allied health and project management. “I am very excited to be part of the MPCCC’s Shared Care project, to pilot a model for cancer-related depression. I look forward to bringing to bear all my skills and making this project a success, says Anne

Genevieve Murphy

Genevieve Murphy, Clinical Co-ordinator, MPCCC Shared Care

Genevieve’s career has included fifteen years at Peter Mac as an Oncology Nurse Manager and Research co-ordinator, followed by a stint with the Northern Territory Cancer Council as a Nurse Counsellor for newly diagnosed cancer patients.  “Working in the Northern Territory where cancer services and resources are really limited helped me to become a practical, resourceful and creative nurse, and developed my skills in communicating with multicultural communities. I bring this diverse experience to the MPCCC’s Shared Care Project and am optimistic that we can build up a network of extensive psycho-oncology services to support patients in the community” says Genevieve.