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MPCCC Precision Oncology Seminar: Professor Sean Grimmond


“The COLUMN initiative:- Using comprehensive whole-genome & transcriptome analyses to improve diagnosis and therapeutic selection for cancers of low survival and unmet need”. The Cancer of Low Survival & Unmet Need Initiative (COLUMN) provides rapid whole genome and transcriptome analysis and is working to improve clinical diagnostics for rare, relapsed and ambiguous [...]

MPCCC Precision Oncology Seminar: Associate Professor James Lee


General and Endocrine Surgeon, The Alfred, Monash Health, Epworth Healthcare “The evolving role of molecular markers in the management of patients with thyroid cancer” Molecular markers have been playing an increasing role in the management of patients with thyroid cancer – from diagnosis, prognosis, to treatment or advanced disease. In [...]

MPCCC Precision Oncology Seminar: Professor Ron Firestein


Head, Centre for Cancer Research, Hudson Institute of Medical Research “Functional Precision Oncology: Moving Beyond Genomic Sequencing” Professor Firestein will discuss how functional interrogation of the cancer genome is being applied to repurpose existing cancer therapies and identify the next-generation of targeted therapies in both adult and paediatric malignancies. This [...]

MPCCC Precision Cancer Seminar: Mal Ameratunga


Dr Ameratunga will discuss how novel computational approaches could be utilised to expand the array of therapies available to patients with poor prognosis and aggressive cancers.

MPCCC Precision Cancer Seminar: Professor Nicholas Huntington


NHMRC Leadership Fellow & Head Cancer Immunotherapy Laboratory, Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute "Targeting Natural Killer cells in cancer immunotherapy" Prof Huntington will present recent clinical evidence that natural killer (NK) cells are a key in the protective anti-tumour immune response and discuss new opportunities to target NK cell function to [...]

MPCCC Precision Cancer Seminar: Associate Professor Kara Britt

Associate Professor Kara Britt leads the Breast Cancer Risk and Prevention Lab at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. “Defining the changes associated with cancer risk in order to develop preventative therapies.” Kara will talk through the rising incidence of breast cancer and the changes in society that might be driving this. [...]

MPCCC Precision Cancer Seminar: Dr Paul Yeh


Dr Paul Yeh is a consultant haematologist and clinician-scientist with dual appointments at Monash Health and Monash University.  He is the Head of the Blood Cancer Biomarkers Laboratory in the School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health. “Liquid biopsy to understand blood cancer evolution.” Paul will discuss the key to [...]

MPCCC Precision Cancer Seminar: A/Prof Yoland Antill

The Molecular Landscape of Endometrial Cancer This seminar will outline the molecular changes common to endometrial cancers. It will review the application of molecular and other changes to understand the four recognised subgroups of endometrial cancers and what this may mean prognostically and for treatment decisions. Use of molecular sequencing [...]