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Join us for an exciting panel discussion for International Women’s Day Tuesday 7 March, from 12pm-1pm in Room 335 of the Learning Teaching Building at Monash University Clayton. This event will be available both in person and via zoom live stream. This event is supported by Monash BDI.

The panel discussion, titled “Women’s Health and Career Empowerment: A Pathway to Equity,” will be hosted by Dr Tu Nguyen-Dumont and will feature distinguished panellists including A/Prof Yoland Antill from Peninsula Health, Monash Health and Royal Melbourne, A/Prof Zee Wan Wong from Peninsula Health, Dr Michelle White from Monash Health and Cabrini Health, A/Prof Kylie Gorringe from Peter Mac, Dr Rekha Mangalore, Alfred Health and Monash CCS GEDI and Dr Victor Sojo, University of Melbourne. Professor John Carroll will also be in attendance.

This event will be something special! Lunch provided for those in person.

Register in-person here, limited seats available: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/womens-health-and-career-empowerment-a-pathway-to-equity-tickets-560134616717

Register for the live stream here: https://monash.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0uce6sqD4oE9WM7H0epukcY43g6h9ahBs5

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