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Professor Maarten IJzerman will present his research into new methods of evaluating the clinical and economic outcomes of diagnostic technologies for personalised medicine in cancer care. Professor IJzerman is currently involved in several large global initiatives to develop emerging good practices for Simulation Modelling in Healthcare Delivery research and the use of big (-omics) data to populate patient-level decision models for clinical and health economic evaluation.

Professor IJzerman is the VCCC professor and Head of Cancer Health Services Research in the University of Melbourne, Centre for Cancer Research and Centre for Health Policy. He also holds a fractional appointment as a professor in the University of Twente (Netherlands) supervising a research program on the health economic impact of blood-based (liquid) biopsies in cancer management. Maarten is co-chairing the data-driven cancer health services research hub for his research on improving dynamic treatment pathways for cancer patients.

In accordance with recent policies and safety guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this seminar will be online-only, facilitated using Zoom.

Watch webinar here:

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