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Dr Daniel Thompson will present on the topic ‘How to design a targeted sequencing panel for clinical oncology’ in this MPCCC Tech Talk.

Cancer diagnostics is progressively incorporating broader mutation screening. This follows the success of targeted therapies and a growing list of actionable prognostic markers made possible from innovation in genomics and next generation sequencing (NGS).

To make NGS a viable platform for routine diagnostics, mainstream pathology is seeing increasing popularity of targeted NGS panels; a tailored list of genomic regions that are enriched biochemically and sequenced.

A number of pre-designed panels are commercially available, however with the fast pace of genomic research, quickly evolving bioinformatic tools and unique clinical scenarios, research and pathology centres often opt for customised panels. Daniel will summarise key decisions of designing and implementing an NGS panel.


About the speaker

Dr Daniel Thompson is the Bioinformatics Lead at Monash Pathology, Monash Health. He is a medical scientist with broad expertise in bioinformatics, molecular biology and cancer genomics.

Daniel undertook a PhD from Adelaide University, completing in 2014, a postdoctoral position in the Genome Informatics laboratory at the Garvan Institute (Sydney), and bioinformatics role in the Leukaemia laboratory at SA Pathology. Prior to this Daniel obtained a Bachelor of Biotechnology (Hons) from Flinders University in 2009, followed by a year as a research assistant at the Kolling Institute for Medical Research (Sydney).


Event details

9.30-10.30am, Friday 21 August on Zoom.

Zoom joining details:

Link: https://monash.zoom.us/j/96854524571?pwd=Y3ZjRVNJeXpSc0ZNMXRxYy9aUlpvdz09 

Meeting ID: 968 5452 4571

Zoom password: 890047

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