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MPCCC Precision Oncology Seminars are an educational forum in which international and local guest speakers present different perspectives on the latest precision oncology research, clinical trials and treatment options.

Optimized 5 hydroxy-methyl seq of ctDNA as a biomarker of response in metastatic prostate cancer

Dr Felix Feng, Professor of Radiation Oncology, Urology, and Medicine, University of California at San Francisco

Dr Feng is a physician-scientist whose research interests include identifying biomarkers of treatment response or resistance in genitourinary cancers and developing rational approaches of targeted treatment for therapy-resistant disease.  Dr Feng’s laboratory uses high-throughput approaches to interrogate patient samples from clinical trials. His group developed the first clinical-grade biomarker panels that predict prostate cancer response to post-operative radiation (Zhao et al, Lancet Oncology 2016) and androgen deprivation (Zhao et al, JAMA Oncology 2017), and also identified a plasma-based cell-free DNA biomarker that predicts resistance to PARP1 inhibition (Quigley et al, Cancer Discovery 2017).

Event Details

Friday 27 August 1-2pm

This event will be held online via Zoom. Registrations essential.




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