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Dr Simon Chu
Research Group Head – Hormone Cancer Therapeutics
Hudson Institute of Medical Research

Trang Tran, PhD Student
Hormone Cancer Therapeutics
Hudson Institute of Medical Research

Towards a new era in granulosa cell tumour research: patient driven outcomes, genomics, diagnostics and therapeutics

Funded in 2020 by the Medical Research Futures Fund’s Emerging Priorities in Consumer-Driven Research initiative, this research program is addressing the challenges faced by women with granulosa cell tumours, informed by, and integrated with consumer voices to address critical gaps in research and clinical care.

Our guest speakers, Dr Simon Chu and the recipient of the MPCCC Precision Cancer Research Scholarship, Trang Tran, will provide an overview of the research program which covers the following themes: (1) understanding real-world data and patient reported outcomes; (2) decoding the genomic landscaper for of GCT; (3) elucidating the molecular pathogenesis of adult GCT (FOXL2 and TERT promoter mutation); (4) exploring the use of novel combination therapies as a precision medicine approach for GCT.

“This project will change the current trajectory of precision medicine improvements for the diagnosis and clinical management of granulosa cell tumours and will be an outstanding environment for higher degree student training as it will provide an immersed experience in what will no doubt become the norm, indeed the essential mode of operation for successful research programs.”
Professor Melissa Southey, Research Director, MPCCC

This event will be held online via Zoom. Registrations essential.

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