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The role of Molecular Pathology in the Pathological diagnosis of Brain tumours. An overview based on case studies from The Alfred Hospital.






About speaker:

Professor McLean BSc (1979), MBBS (1984), FRCPA (1993), MD (1999), FFSc (RCPA) (2011), FAHMS (2016), and Associate member of the Australian College of Dermatology (2021) is currently Professor and Head of the Department of Anatomical Pathology at the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne (since 2005). In this capacity she also heads the solid cancer Molecular Pathology Unit (since 2016). She is the Director of the Victorian Neuromuscular Service (VNLS) and is also a director of the Victorian Brain bank and the diagnostic neuropathologist for; the Victorian Brain Bank based at the Florey Institute. She is also an honorary neuropathologist for the Royal Children’s Hospital, the National Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease Registry (also servicing New Zealand; Florey Neurosciences) and the Australian Phenomics Network (the University of Melbourne). Collaborations include; Cancer Council Victoria, The Alfred, the Florey Neurosciences institute, the University of Melbourne, the WEHI, the University of Sydney, the Neuromuscular laboratory Perkins Institute WA and Monash University and also collaborates internationally. She is involved in multiple research projects into disorders of muscle and neurodegenerative diseases. Since finishing her Fellowship, she has looked at close to a million slides mainly for diagnostic purposes but also for multiple research projects.   As director of Anatomical Pathology, Alfred Health, since 2004, she has a full time service load including running the Neuropathology service covering the in-house brain tumour and epilepsy biopsies and running multiple hospital multi-disciplinary meetings per annum.

Impact of previous research over the last 5 years:

Metrics: 550 publications, career H-index of 97, total citations of 40,000 (since 2017, 16,528) (including a total of twenty one papers in Nature journals). In the world AD scientist ranking she is ranked in the top 2% in the world and ranked number 1 in her specialist field of Neuropathology in Australia and Oceania. Since 2017 she has published in; NEJM (2023, 2021, 2018 x3), Nature 2017Nature Communications (2018, 2020 x 2, 2021 x 3)Nature Genetics (2017, 2020), Nature Neuroscience (2019)Sci Transl Med (2022, 2019)Sci Adv (2022), PNAS (2020)JCI (2021)Cell (2018, 2020) amongst other journals.

STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTIONS; more recently in 2017 she was asked to be the Southern Hemisphere representative on an International taskforce concerning brain tumour categorization (ICCN).  In 2017 she was also on an ACOLA committee (as the AAHMS representative) on Precision Medicine, with ACOLA presenting a document to Government in January on 2018 on ‘The future of Precision Medicine in Australia’. In 2019 she was asked to join c-IMPACT- NOW by the First author of the WHO diagnosis of CNS tumours (c-IMPACT- NOW is an international consortium to discuss and update tumour diagnosis ahead of the WHO).

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