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Healthcare services around the world are addressing clinical challenges for COVID-19 treatment, containment and impacts in a variety of ways. The pandemic has necessitated rapid innovation and a coordinated response. Patients with cancer, and the health professionals who care for them, have been particularly impacted.

Early in March, the VCCC and MPCCC established the Victorian COVID-19 Cancer Network (VCCN) in response to the challenges of managing cancer care during a global health crisis. The network grew to over 700 members from a wide range of disciplines including general practice, medical oncology, haematology, radiation oncology, paediatric and geriatric oncology, pharmacy and other specialties, as well as consumers, patients and government representatives. Health professionals are learning from each other, connecting and sharing resources and guidelines, networking and forming discussion groups, collaborating and disseminating research outcomes.

Since its inception, the network has provided guidance and support, ranging from specific tumour streams to telehealth, ethics and cancer care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Resources have taken the form of, practical guidelines and advocacy for clinical challenges, patient communications support and a knowledge sharing platform.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues across Victoria new challenges will inevitably arise. Delays in cancer diagnoses, reduced cancer screenings and declines in patient presentations indicate a worrying trend and inevitable impact on Victoria’s health services, particularly in oncology.

In this webinar, the four VCCN Taskforce Chairs will discuss achievements to date, ongoing challenges, potential solutions and strategies for future direction.

Professor Grant McArthur
Executive Director, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Associate Professor Sue-Anne McLachlan
Medical Director of Oncology and Cancer Services, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne

Dr Andrew Haydon
Joint Clinical Director, Southern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Services; Medical Oncologist, Alfred Health

Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor Zee Wan Wong
Joint Clinical Director, SMICS; Head of Oncology, Peninsula Health


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2-3pm, Friday 7 August on Zoom

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