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MPCCC’s Molecular Tumour Boards and Precision Oncology Seminars drive innovation in personalised cancer treatment

2019-07-08T11:15:58+00:00 July 8th, 2019|

Since its commencement in September 2018, the MPCCC Precision Oncology Program has established regular Molecular Tumour Board meetings that focus on three distinct tumour streams. [...]

MPCCC’s pilot of shared care for cancer-related depression reaches evaluation phase

2019-07-08T11:05:12+00:00 July 8th, 2019|

As MPCCC’s pilot of shared-care for cancer related depression approaches completion, participants will be invited to evaluate the feasibility of the model and its potential [...]

Landmark clinical trial delivers drastic improvement in survival for men with advanced prostate cancer

2019-06-27T14:44:46+00:00 June 27th, 2019|

Outcomes of the Australian-led landmark clinical trial, ENZAMET, are expected to influence clinical practice around the world for men with advanced metastatic prostate cancer. The [...]

Eminent Australian Prof David Thomas delivers MPCCC’s March Precision Oncology Seminar

2019-04-11T17:08:28+00:00 March 22nd, 2019|

Prof David Thomas, Director of the Kinghorn Cancer Centre, Founder of the Australian Cancer Genomics Medicine Programme, and arguably Australia’s leader in precision oncology, captivated [...]

Change is on the Horizon as MPCCC Research Director Resigns and MCCC is Retired

2019-03-18T15:43:42+00:00 March 18th, 2019|

After over nine years dedicated to developing collaborative cancer research platforms across Monash University, Prof Gail Risbridger this month announced her resignation from the role [...]