Our goal is to improve patient experience and outcomes across the cancer care continuum, through world-class research and quality improvement. This ambition will be realised by linking our expertise across basic, translational, clinical, health service, population health and epidemiological research with the service delivery expertise of our clinical partners.

Our Priorities

We believe cancer research and service improvement are integrally linked and should be driven by the needs and priorities of the community. Our mission is to build a culture of collaboration and innovation that transcends organisational boundaries and drives improved cancer outcomes. MPCCC priorities are to:

Design and deliver a holistic and equitable cancer research and improvement agenda.

Build capacity for innovations in cancer treatment by linking discovery, pre-clinical and clinical research.

Drive improvements in cancer through the strategic use of data to inform priorities and measure outcomes.

Establish and maintain strategic collaborations that align cancer research and improvement activities with health and research policy agenda.

Use appropriate governance and processes to lead and promote a world-class cancer research and improvement agenda.