About the Molecular Screening and Therapeutics Study

MPCCC is collaborating with the ‘Molecular Screening and Therapeutics Clinical trials and immunotherapy study’ (or MoST study), one of several research-based studies undertaken by the Australian Genome Cancer Medicine Centre (ACGMC) based at the Garvan Institutes’ Kinghorne Cancer Centre in Sydney.

Through its collaboration with MPCCC, the ACGMC is accepting eligible Victorian cancer patients for comprehensive genome profiling of tumours, using Next Generation Sequencing. Each patient’s tumour is sequenced, analysed and discussed by an expert team of health professionals at the AGCMC, to interpret the genetic variants identified. This information is used to match patients with potential therapies or clinical trials, using an evidence-based, tiered classification system. The referring doctor is then provided with a Molecular Report from the ACGMC outlining recommended treatment options to discuss with the patient.