Monash-Gippsland tele-trials project

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The Monash-Gippsland tele-trials project will establish a hub-and-spoke model between primary clinical trial site, Monash Health and satellite site Latrobe Regional Hospital (LRH). It will also build capacity at LRH to be used as an independent clinical trials facility. Telemedicine technologies will enable Oncologists from LRH –¬† which already has an established cancer centre – to consult, recruit and manage patients enrolled in clinical trials throughout the Gippsland Region.

This project is supported by funding from the Department of Health and Human Services and Gippsland Regional Integrated Cancer Service (GRICS).


From left to right: Mrs Karen Gillet, Dr Dayna Swiatek, Dr Sachin Joshi (Co-Principal Investigator), Mr Glenn Boulton, Ms Elaine Wood, Ms Annette McClellan, Professor Eva Segelov (Principal Investigator and Chair), Ms Anna Kilgour.

Time frame
Funding for the project was finalised in late 2018 and the Pilot project commenced in February 2019. Expected date of project completion is February 2021, with the expectation that Latrobe Regional Hospital will be equipped with enough capacity to independently continue expanding their clinical trials capacity.

Expected Outcomes 
1. Increased access to clinical trials for people in the Gippsland Region and reduced need for people with cancer to travel to large metropolitan centres in Melbourne to undertake trial-related visits and procedures.
2. The development of collaboration and networking between rural/regional and metropolitan health service centres. This will be achieved by delivering greater engagement in research activities and contributing to workforce development, which will build clinical trial capabilities in non-metropolitan regions.
3. Improved evidence-based practice in clinical trials resulting from an increase in the rate of recruitment and participation of patients in clinical trials. This pilot also has the potential to increase participation in research into cancers with lower rates of incidence or low survival rates.

For more information in relation to this Pilot please contact:
Ms Annette McClellan
Senior Project Officer
Monash-Gippsland Teletrials Pilot
Ph: 61 3 8572 2372
Mobile: 0488 048 792

See here for full details of our Project Team and Steering Committee.