MPCCC Precision Oncology Program 

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The MPCCC Precision Oncology Program fits within Collaborative Platform 2: ‘Improving cancer outcomes through innovative research’ in the MPCCC 2017-2021 Strategic Plan. 

L-R: Ms Vikki Marshall, Professor David Thomas, Professor Mark Shackleton, Dr Glenn Cartwright.

September 2018 – September 2020

Program overview

Research breakthroughs, particularly in genomics, are opening up exciting new pathways for personalised cancer treatment, including targeted therapies, immunotherapies or referral to appropriate clinical trials, that offer new hope for vastly improved outcomes for cancer patients. These breakthroughs are establishing a new paradigm in cancer management, Precision Oncology.

This program aims to establish a coordinated platform across MPCCC partners which gives patients access to the latest technologies involving genomic tumour profiling. Molecular Tumour Board meetings and the Precision Oncology Seminar Series will be key components of the program, encouraging multidisciplinary collaboration which drives innovation and excellence in patient care.


Progress to date

Between September 2018-September 2019, the MPCCC Precision Oncology Program established 3 Molecular Tumour Boards focused on 3 different tumour streams. They are: Myeloproliferative Neoplasms, led by Professor Andrew Perkins; Lymphoma, led by Dr Greg Corboy; and Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and Minimal Residual Disease, led by Associate Professor Andrew Wei.

In this period 4 Precision Oncology Seminars were held, including presentations from two overseas, one interstate and one local guest speaker. You can read more about previous Precision Oncology Seminars in our news and find out more about upcoming seminars by signing up to the MPCCC mailing list.

Molecular Tumour Board meetings and Precision Oncology Seminars are run across different MPCCC partner sites and utilise video-conferencing technology to encourage cross-site participation.


Impact of the Program

The MPCCC Precision Oncology Program aims to provide an integrated, comprehensive and coordinated multidisciplinary platform for clinicians to apply precision medicine in a manner that supports excellence in patient care. Central to the aims of this program is providing equitable access to the latest precision oncology treatments in order to improve patient care throughout the MPCCC region.


See here for details of the Project Team and Steering Committee.

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MPCCC acknowledges the support of the Victorian State Government.